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Those who have met me have often described me as bubbly, positive, and compassionate. As a registered respiratory therapist, I take pride in providing the best possible care that I can to my patients. Whether it means seeing 30 patients during a 13-hour shift with no break, giving medication after medication, or drawing arterial blood gases every two hours, I strive to do my part as a member of my team and to do it exceptionally well. Part of working in healthcare is always staying abreast of the latest technology, ventilators, procedures, and medications. I hope to transfer my skills to the field of software development in order to continue to improve the lives of others. Attention to detail, commitment to serving others, great communication, and critical thinking skills prove valuable no matter where life takes us.

I have many interests outside of learning to code, but my most favorite is working out. I love experiencing new gyms around town, using different equipment and learning various exercises. My ideal exercise involves using a barbell to perform Zercher squats. Exercising is key for stress management.

What I hope to achieve by attending DigitalCrafts 16-Week Full Stack Immersive Program, aside from gainful employment, is a sense of community. I truly enjoy working with others to solve complex problems. It’s always refreshing to hear different perspectives. I also hope to gain the technical skills required to become a great programmer. While a career change can seem quite daunting at times, I know that through discipline and perseverance, this journey will be a great one.